You Always Get Me High Big Gic

You Always Get Me High Big Gic
You Always Get Me High Big Gic

Big Welcome to Kreature & Rudosa for our 60th Wow! release!
After producing great tracks on their respective solo careers, this is the first time Mark (Rudosa) and Ahsley (Kreature) join forces to make an explosive duo, and we are happy it’s happening on our label.
The first track gives the name to the EP ‘For The Freaks’! Classical Tech House banging vibes, for a pure summer track. Percussions and a disruptive synth stab give the right vibrations to make you dance like evil!
Then comes ‘For Luna’: awesome rhythm, a kick that goes directly to your chest and an incredible bass melody. These are the perfect ingredients to make you totally crazy when you are dancing on this track in the club, in your headphones, in your office and also in your sofa! We fell in love with this and hope you too!
Last track is ‘For The People’literally! Another super track that keeps you dancing! Amazing drops and a voice that accompanies all the breakdowns.

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